Roles & Responsibilities

Policy Sponsor

  • Developing or revising policy and seeing process through to completion of approved policy
  • Drafting policy
  • Identifying key stakeholders, obtaining and considering input
  • Ensuring conformity with applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensuring conformity with existing University policies

Responsible University Official (Dean, VP, EVP - University official responsible for compliance with the policy and with related laws and regulations)

  • Ensuring that all relevant stakeholders have been engaged and input has been duly considered
  • Ensuring that process has been developed for effective and efficient implementation of policy
  • Review and approval of policy
  • Review to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable regulations

Office of Planning & Policy

  • Working with Policy Sponsor to determine appropriate review process, including distinguishing between major and minor revisions
  • Providing policy template to be used
  • Providing information about existing policies, processes, or stakeholders that Policy Sponsor should be aware of in drafting/revising policy
  • Provide assistance with drafting, as needed
  • Posting to University Policy Library
  • Working with Policy Sponsor to ensure that University community is informed of new and revised policies and associated processes